European Startup Tour 2016

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What is European Startup Tour 2016?

50 international professionals

Experienced advanced techno entrepreneurs and mentors

Unlimited investments

More than 50 venture investors and $200m investments

Online consultations

Free online consultation and competition screening

Free education

30 hours of expert coaching

Adaptation of the business model of your startup

Best practices in building business processes

Wide offline geography

7 countries, 25 cities, more than 1000 projects


Participation is free. Each participant should prepare a presentation of their startup to protect the experts and mentors AST. We are seeking projects in next areas: robotechnics (drones, exiskeletons, copters), internet of things (internet of all), cyber security, online privacy and data ptorection, big data, innovative marketplaces, biotechnology, block-chain based data protection.

Terms and prizes for competititon we will send to your email after January 2016.


Every technology breakthrough - is not only grand idea with enough investment capital. Its a complex of smart components which form a single shape - shape of market success and user acceptance. We believe that a startup need not just capital, but intelligent capital - smartmoney. Our investors could bring not only mony, but communication networking, competence and confidence.


  • Who are founders?

    Main founder of European Startup Tour is Academy of venture investment

  • Who are investors?

    We are working with fomous investors from Europe, Asia and United States

  • Which stage of startups are we seeking?

    We works with early stage technology startups

  • How to enroll?

    You should submit you e-mail and we will send information about starting process

  • How much is it cost?

    All events including mentors consultations is free. You dont need to pay for anything

  • Can I participate online?

    Yes. You can apply and have mentors consultation online

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We creating a new model for funding early stage startups



Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, we'll be glad to help you.

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